The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi „The recognition of the World through love „


1. The importance of logic knowledge of man about the characteristics of love for the recognition of the world.
2. Clarity and understanding of control through love.
3. The movement of the world to man in love of the man and the world.
4. Status of spiritual vision of man, there where he is not located in the physical body.
5. The movement of God to men, to the action of man, who thinks within the categories of love.
6. Building/forming/developing the own construction of thinking through the thinking in love.
7. Technology of restoration of the organs of the physical body of man; structure of thinking by sending love to the own structure of pre-thinking and to the structure before-thinking.
8. Technology of the development of organs of the physical body of man; any level of personality of man in the structure of eternal life through the activity of the level of thought and pre-thinking.
9. Technology of restoration of the physical body of man through the perception of revelation of the level of God within the own structure of pre-thinking of man.
10. Regulation by love as simultaneous action of recognition (of knowledge) and action of regulation of reality.
11. Technology of getting the knowledge from God during the moment of setting up a question before itself.
12. Recognition of man by love as action of the Creator – His primary intention and His primary desire. The primary aim of recognition by love – the fulfilment of the right action and exclusion of mistakes.
13. Love – in the first place as true desire of man.
14. Initial focus of man on Universal Love on the own personal level of action.
15. Movement of man by the action in love in order to get the knowledge, which comes through direct channels of God.
16. Movement of objects of the external world to men by channels of love.
17. Immutability of the status in love of man in relation to the external world.
18. Movement of man to the objects with his physical body as one of revelations of human love to the world.
19. Technology of transmitting sight of the physical world and sight through the spirit of God in the unified level of perception of reality of man.
20. The method of forming eternal life in the image of God, grounded on uniting the technology of love in the movement of man towards the world and in the movement of the world towards man.
21. The laws of “interaction of spiritual development” and the laws of “interaction of the physical bodies with its spirit and its soul”.
22. Identification of the information segment, which is to be recognized suitably for man at present.
23. The method of perception of the Universal Love of God.
24. The Universal Love of man.
25. The method of stabilizing the status of universality for man.
26. The method of transferring the personal assignment of man into the universal task.
27. The method of building up eternal life for another person by action of the universal love.
28. Using the category of love for action is the act of everlasting development.
29. Application and realization of the category of everlasting development – this is the level of understanding “at the level of the intellectual plan of thinking”
30. Increase of the development of the intellectual phase of the external world based on the construction and recognition of the world by love.
31. Creation of an infinite number of developing ways of the world and the nature and its recognition as a fundamental (basic) law of the development of the world.
32. The image of man – as a level of creation and development of the world in infinite future.
33. The purpose of the world and of God – as „like the picture” of God’s love to men.
34. The method of restoration of the physical body of man through the perception of the multi-resources of the physical body due to multi-stage revelations of love of the world to the people.
35. The way and the methods of the development of the possibilities of man to exist without eating. The possibility of achieving this status of man as a status for everybody, i.e. universal status.

36. Transference of knowledge to men as special technology of revelation of love.

37. Love of man to a concrete person and the Universal Love.

38. Identification of the individual lines of love as an allocation for his own lines of creation of love as the level of self-education.

39. Technology of self-education as the movement on the structure of love.

40. Technology of the control with any external informations by the adjustment/adaption to individual signs of the elements of information, to which man reveals love.

41. Revelation of God in the internal world of man as permanence of love and the striving of man to reach love.

42. Technology of the standardisation of events of man by perception of the light structure of everlasting youth, adjustment of the light of everlasting love on man.